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Bild zum Beitrag Post-Systematic Theology II

Post-Systematic Theology II

God’s Trinitarian Love Adventure: Triune Becoming, Ecological Paths of Creation, Humanity, and Dis-placement

In the second volume of his comprehensive post-systematic theology based on a phenomenological, narrative ontology, Mühling explores God’s trinitarian love adventure from theology of God to hamartiology. Within the love adventure, the differentiation in God in the form of His triune personality, God’s narrative unity, and God’s becoming properties are examined. The path of creation delves into God’s capacity for creation, creatio ex nihilo and creatio continuata, creation as imago trinitatis, cosmology, real possibilities, angels, and extraterrestrials, as well as biological evolution. The anthropology of human becoming amidst creation explores humanity as imago personalitatis, its extended mind, and its bodily „soul,“ reason, will, and affectivity, the human process of „humaning,“ the exhaustibility of its creatureliness, and a comprehensive explication of sin as the displacement of humanity within the created fabric. The volume concludes with considerations of an ecological ethos of creation. Interdisciplinary considerations, especially between theology, philosophy, and the natural sciences, always play a significant role.


Markus Mühling is a professor of Systematic Theology at the Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal.